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14 Ways Truck Drivers Can Avoid Getting Fat

In this article I’m going to tell you what truck drivers can do to prevent themselves from getting fat.

Why are truck drivers fat?

Sure, there are fat truck drivers, I’m not going to argue against that. Being fat is not unique to truck drivers though. Just take a look around you and you will probably quickly notice that being fat does not discriminate by job type. When it comes to health and wellness, it seems nearly impossible to get time to lose weight being a truck driver.

I see fat people all the time. The mail carrier and police officer are fat, so are my dentist and the secretary working in his office, and the women serving food at the local restaurant are huge too. Several of the teachers at the school my kids go to are fat, the guy getting on the train to go to his corporate job is obese, and the bus driver could stand to lose some pounds too.

Why is there a stereotype that truckers are fat?

Because this is America, a lot of people are fat! It doesn’t matter which race, gender, or job you have there is a good chance you are

What I do know is that a truck driver spends a lot of time sitting behind the wheel driving and often doesn’t have the time to exercise. Long haul drivers spend weeks or at times months away from home which makes it difficult to hold any workout routine. To make matters worse they often sleep in their truck and have limited space to move around and cook. It’s not like they can head over to a gym when they feel like working out. There is usually no gym on-site at a truck stop or business parking lot.
In this article, HTA tends to strategies what a truck driver can do to lose weight. If you are a truck driver and are noticing you are getting soggy in the midsection please take note of this, so that you can maintain your health and control or lose weight.

Bust your gut! Weight-Control Strategies for Truck Drivers

14 Ways for Truck Drivers to Lose Weight

  • Walk Around
    The easiest way to burn some calories and prevent yourself from getting fat is to get walking. Walk around as much as possible.
  • Start A Routine
    Setting up a routine is key. Before you eat breakfast make sure you do some exercise. Go for a walk or a jog so that you start off the day the right way.
  • Get A Different Job
    Probably not what you wanted to hear but it seems logical. You can find many jobs where you can earn similar pay to truck driving. If your weight and health become too much of a concern then you should consider a new career path.
  • Eat Smart
    Most likely a big reason you are getting fat is because of the foods you eat. That crappy fast food might taste good but it’s killing you and making your stomach expand. So eating healthy food is really essential.
  • Don’t Make Your Health Secondary
    A lot of truckers do whatever they have to do so that they can support their family and start to put their own health to the side.
  • Listen To Your Doctor
    If you see a doctor regarding your health/weight and they tell you that you have to make some changes to your eating habits and lack of exercise then LISTEN to them.
  • Avoid Soft Drinks
    Stay away from Sprite, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and every other soft drink that is out there.
  • Use An App
    These days there are a lot of free apps to help truck drivers count their calories and maintain a healthy weight. Here is one of them that I really like.
  • Eat Less Food
    Stop eating so much. Cut your meals down by 25%. You won’t die if you eat a little less for each meal. Sure, it will take some time to get used to but after a few days, your body will get used to it.
  • Drive A Flatbed
    Flatbed drivers swear that the extra work they do keeps them in shape.
  • Only Water
    Replace all soft drinks with water.
  • The Genes Matter
    Some truck drivers are more prone to getting fat. It’s genetic. I’m not sure of the science behind it nor am I claiming any scientific data. But I do know that I come across drivers that eat junk food all day and are still thin.
  • Ignore Other Drivers
    The truth is a lot of truck drivers will think you look funny exercising in a lot next to your parked truck. Ignore them.
  • Don’t Give Up
    There you have it, some ways that you can prevent yourself from getting fat. Try a few of them and you will see some success as long as you stick to them.

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