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Eye Tips for truckers

As a truck driver, one of the most important tools for your job is your eyes. We are spotlighting some helpful tips for you to keep your eyes in tip-top shape so that you can haul for many years to come!

Best exercises for truck drivers updated 2023

HTA ran across this article in 2020 and saw where it had been updated. Truck Driver Institute did a super job just explaining the basic exercises that will get you to start moving.

Prediabetes Diet

A table with green onions, carrots, and other vegetables.

It may feel overwhelming to think about making lifestyle changes, but speaking to your healthcare provider and determining a diet and exercise regimen that works for you can help avoid prediabetes from becoming type 2 diabetes.

Stress-Relieving Tips for Truck Drivers

Some people may believe that trucking is a stress-free job full of blue skies and open roads, but those of us clocking all the miles and missing our families along the way know better. From rough weather conditions and jammed-packed roadways to tight deadlines and hours of sitting in one place, professional driving can be […]

Tips for Safe Driving in April Showers

While April showers may bring May flowers, the rainy month also bring a lot of weather-related accidents for unsuspecting drivers. In fact, 70% of weather-related crashes happen on wet pavement and 46% happen during rainfall. For a truck driver, driving in less-than-perfect conditions is inevitable, but there are some very important steps you can take […]

How to Avoid Blood Clots as a Truck Driver

Blood clots are a definite danger to truck drivers, as the sedentary nature of driving for hours lends itself to the formation of blood clots in the legs. DVT, or deep vein thrombosis, occurs deep in the thigh or lower legs and generally happens to anyone who sits for long periods of time. For truckers, […]

Omada Enrollment

As the largest CDC-recognized digital Diabetes Prevention Program, we’ve inspired hundreds of thousands of participants to take their health into their own hands. Welcome Aboard!