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Biggest Challenges Faced By Women In Truck Driving Industry

Biggest Challenges Faced By Women In Trucking Industry | HTA

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — It’s hard to say what distinguishes Tammy Dunfee most as a women truck driver: the fact that she began driving an 18-wheelers truck when she was 50, the fact that she chose the field even though she has a master’s degree or the fact that she’s… well… a she. About nine […]

Navigating Food Choices On The Road

healthy food for truck drivers

Jessica Goss is the daughter of a Professional Driver and knows full well the challenges of eating healthy on the road. She is very fortunate to still have her father around even though the average life expectancy of a professional driver is 61. She has written this article to encourage the driving community and relay the message that eating healthy and exercise can go a long way towards improving your life expectancy.

Truckers as Lifeblood

Truck Drivers Are Lifeblood | HTA

Who got us through the pandemic, especially during those early days, when most of the world froze? Truckers. Who kept the grocery stores open, and the hospitals shelves filled with supplies so that lives could be saved? Truckers.

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