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Better Meals for a Better Outcome
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It's Food Fast – Not Fast Food
Get fully cooked organic meals delivered weekly anywhere nationwide. Meals start at just $10.00.
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It's Food Fast - Not Fast Food

” Since 1997 The Healthy Trucking Association of America (HTAA) has been encouraging Truck Drivers to make healthy choices. CDL Meals provides the driver with deliciously pre-prepared meals made from fresh produce and lean meats. Our Health Coaches can assist drivers with proper meal choices, schedule delivery, and get you on the road to a new and healthier lifestyle!”  Bill Gordon, President, Healthy Trucking of America

how does the program work?


Your prepared meals arrive fresh in an insulated box. Just unpack and put them in the fridge.


No time? No problem. Just heat up when hungry. Ready in 3 minutes.


Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. We cater for your diet.


Every week, pre-made meals are delivered to your door, nationwide.

Videos that convinced HTAA President Bill Gordon to support CDL Meals

How did It all get started?

What brought on cDL meals?

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