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COVID-19 and the potential link to diabetes

COVID may contribute to an increase in diabetes. For long haul drivers suffering from diabetes this could be a game changer.

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – It seems like a week doesn’t pass that we don’t hear about another after-effect of covid-19.

The latest is a report that covid-19 may lead to an increased risk for diabetes.

So is it true, and what else do we need to watch out for?

So many aftershocks from covid are being blamed on the virus, but CBS News medical expert, Dr. David Agus, said that may be overreaching.

As we learn to live with covid-19, there is no question some things linger.

“Sometimes, the effect of cough and lung issues can last much longer,” said Dr. Agus.

Dr. Agus said the nature of covid concerns extends beyond recovery.

“Lasting lung issues, lasting potentially inflammation issues of the heart, and lasting fussy fatigue syndromes that can be kin to the startup covid. All of those are real,” the doctor added.

And history points in a couple of key directions.

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