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Healthy Fast Food Options for OTR Drivers

As a truck driver, eating healthy can be a challenge, especially when you spend most of your days passing fast food joint after fast food joint. Staring at those Golden Arches can be a huge temptation, and it can be difficult to say no to a fast food meal when all you want to do is pull over for the night, eat, and just relax. The good news is that giving into an indulgence like fast food now and then will not derail your commitment to living a healthy lifestyle—as long as you know what you’re doing when it comes to choosing what to eat when you do. At Healthy Trucking of America, we have compiled a list of the healthiest fast-food options that can be found in almost any town for you so that you can make a healthy, informed choice when ordering out.


Chick-Fil-A is one place that offers a plethora of healthy options that can be customized to fit your dietary needs. With healthy grilled selections, filling salads, and even in-season fruit cups, Chick-Fil-A is one of the best fast food options for when you’re craving a convenient meal. Even their breakfast items can be extremely healthy and satisfying with options like multi-grain oatmeal and the protein-packed Egg White Grill.


Wendy’s is a good option if you can avoid the temptation of getting their Baconator burger. If you instead lean toward options like their fresh-made salads, healthy baked potatoes, or their classic chili, you’re on the right path for eating healthy at Wendy’s. You can also opt for their smaller sized burgers like the Jr. Cheeseburger if you really are craving that juicy signature Wendy’s taste without all the added calories.


While McDonald’s is most known for its calorie bombs like the Big Mac, they actually do have healthier options on their menu if you know where to look. Their plain hamburger is only 250 calories, so that’s a good option if you’re aiming for a lighter bite. If you can’t get enough of their nuggets, order away! It turns out their 6-piece chicken nuggets are one of the healthier options on the menu, coming in at only 250 calories. Pair with some apple slices, and you’ve got a solid snack to keep you fueled for the miles ahead.


Subway is known for its “Eat Fresh” slogan, but not everything on the menu is entirely healthy. Make sure when seeing your sandwich artists that you opt for a nutritious salad or healthy six-inch whole wheat sub option like the grilled chicken breast, Veggie Delite, or ham sub loaded down with vegetables like onions, spinach, and tomatoes. Just make sure you stay away from a lot of added oils and calorie-laden sauces and opt for red wine vinegar for extra flavor instead.


While KFC stands for Kentucky Fried Chicken, you don’t have to eat their world-famous chicken fried to be satisfied. They have tasty grilled options like their grilled nuggets and healthy sides like green beans and corn that will fill you up and help you stick to your health goals!

Remember, just because fast food has a bad rap for being unhealthy, doesn’t mean you have to swear off convenience. You can easily navigate the menu to find a delicious and nutritious option that won’t derail your diet. A simple Google search of any restaurant’s menu can help you make an informed choice before you give in to your craving when you’re at the counter. Just keep striving to make healthy food choices one meal at a time, and you’re on the right road to living an overall healthier life.



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