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“helping transportation professionals arrive home safer, healthier & happier

helping drivers arrive home
safer, healthier and happier

Bill Gordon, Founder & Chairman


Since 1997, HTA has made its sole aim that of striving to improve the health and wellness of truck drivers, both independent owner/operators and fleet drivers. Bill Gordon saw the prevalence of bad health in the trucking industry before it became acknowledged as an industry-wide issue of great significance and formed the Healthy Trucking of America.


The trucking industry overall is the unhealthiest occupational category in this country. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Agency, the prevalence of conditions such as Obesity, Heart Disease, Smoking-related illness, and other major health conditions is twice as high among truckers as the normal working population.


Studies have proven time and time again that Long Haul Truck Drivers have a 50% higher risk of developing diabetes compared to the general population. 87% of LHTD have hypertension or pre-hypertension. Sadly the list of illnesses plaguing this industry is long and lengthy from liver disease to sleep disorders. We could go on and on. With that said, HTA is dedicated to improving your health by providing FREE Health Coaching services and a large number of programs designed to make you feel better!

National Diabetes Prevention Program

HTA is the driving force behind the nationwide healthy trucking movement.

As the medical community and the trucking industry began to heighten awareness of trucking health issues.  HTA focused its efforts to reach established goals to reflect this increasing attention and awareness of trucking health. We are the first national organization ever formed for the purpose of addressing the lack of good health among the nation’s professional truck drivers population.

2020 National Diabetes Statistics Report

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