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How to become a Truck Driver

When becoming a driver, you need to know more than just how to operate your truck and perform duties at the docks

You like being independent. You don’t mind long road trips. Your perfect day means driving on the open road from sunrise to sunset some days. If this sounds like you, there’s a job waiting at a respectable trucking company just for you.  Estimates show that there is a 100,000 driver shortage in the trucking industry.

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You’ll need to have the proper CDL training and you’ll need to become fluent in all of the commercial driving regulations. Specialties also exist (Hazmat certification) that can help you boost your earning potential and allow you to drive different types of freight, including hazardous materials.

Heavy regulations turn many drivers off from entering the field, but you’ll learn the ins-and-outs of regulations in no time.

Meet I.C.C. Regulations

When becoming a driver, you need to know more than just how to operate your truck and perform duties at the docks. You’ll need to know how to properly maintain regulation standards to ensure that you’re always in the right with every action you take as a driver.

I.C.C. regulations require you to maintain a driving log. This is crucial if you are ever involved in a semi truck accident and need a lawyer.

Electronic logs are becoming more popular, but manual logs are still preferred by many drivers. Logs allow you to account for:

  • Start times
  • Stop times
  • Mileage

Law enforcement may request these logs, and if you cannot furnish them, you may find yourself in legal trouble. The law requires a person to:

  • Drive a maximum of 11 hours per day
  • Drive only after 10 straight hours of being off duty

Trucks are dangerous, and if a driver is worked to the bone, this can lead to the death of another driver if an accident occurs. There’s also the benefit that these regulations truly allow a truck driver to have time off rather than drive until they pass out behind the wheel – it has happened before.

You may even change your path after researching the industry. Lots of would be drivers end up in other transportation sector roles. This is crucial in 2018 as self driving trucks are starting to hit the roads. A career as a freight broker can be a great alternative.

A lot of the top trucking companies have heard the complaints of their drivers and now offer a sufficient home policy that ensures a trucker can have a life outside of their rig. Be picky. Be diligent. Work life balance is crucial to long term stability as you don’t want to burn out during your first few years.

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