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truckers work alone

Yep.  You heard that right well, for the most part anyway.  You may have a team driver working with you but just how much can you talk about after the first 500 miles right? You literally have up to 10 or 11 hours of drive time per day. It’s all your time and you can choose anything to occupy your mind.   Why not make a resolution to listen to content that can answer some questions many drivers have about their health and wellness.  Some of the same questions you have.  I know, FOFO gets in the way.  What’s FOFO?  Fear Of Finding Out.  We all have it to one degree or another.  Listening to an In The Cab Podcast may answer some questions you have without anyone knowing you found out.  You can be the expert, and maybe summon the courage to go see a specialist.

what is a podcast?

Good question.  And don’t feel weird asking.  Most folks don’t know either.  It’s like having your own radio station on your phone, except you are the executive producer and get to choose what you listen to.  Clearly defined, it’s  a digital audio file made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device, typically available as a series, new installments of which can be received by subscribers automatically.  You can listen to In The Cab on Apple or Google Podcast Streaming Service.  Just download the app from Apple or Google Apps.

what do you talk about?

Each segment is no more than 10 minutes long, so typically each segment is about one subject matter.  Right now we are running a new series discussing Prediabetes in the driver community.  We interview doctors to get the science.  How does it manifest?  What are treatments? How can I prevent it? Don’t worry our director requires them to make it simple to understand. Then we interview real Truckers who have or had Prediabetes. We ask them questions like, what is your day like dealing with Prediabetes?  What steps are you taking to change it? How has this effected your ability to drive? How can your family support you? 

We have another series coming out talking about liver disease with Wayne Eskridge from the Fatty Liver Foundation.  Sleep Apnea is another big one under production, look for that one.  Our host sometimes kick in their two cents about news of the day.  There is a wide variety of discussions and new series are published monthly.  

guest appearance

health program for truck drivers

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