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Pre Diabetes Screening – Omada Part 1

National Institute of Occupational Safety & Health say truckers are twice likely to have pre diabetes than the general population and may even be higher
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Natalie Blum, American Association of Diabetes Educators

Interview Transcript

President of the Health Truckers Association – Bill Gordon

  • Great programs over the years
  • Heart failure, obesity, psoriasis
  • National Institute of Occupational Safety & Health say truckers are twice likely to have pre diabetes than the general population and may even be higher for reasons of
    • Stress, on the road constantly, exposure to diesel and their immune system, they don’t drink fluids because they will have to pull over so they don’t drink fluids
  • The Healthy Truckers Association and the American Diabetes Association Educators offering a great program introduction

Omada – no cost to the driver

CJ – reading something and at the end having to put in your credit card to pay for it but not now with this program. It is 100% free and helps you live healthier

Bill – screening only takes you a minute to answer a few questions to see if you are at risk. All you have to do is text  HTAA  to 444999

  1. Upcoming speakers are
  • Natalie Blum – Manager of prevention for American Association of Diabetes Educators
  • Shawn Duffy – President and CEO and co-founder of Omada brings energy to any room
  • CJ – exciting great things you are going to want to know Bill – keeping you on the road and living healthier we have an impressive team
  • Natalie Blum – prevention manager of AADE thank you glad to be on the show
  • Bill – as stated earlier drivers are at a greater risk twice of that of the general population. Tell us about pre diabetes and why it is so important
  • Natalie – hopeful about this topic that we can make a positive impact on the population
  • Natalie – pre diabetes is a serious condition but to prevent or even delay it for a period of time
  • Natalie – it is when you blood sugar levels are higher than normal but not high enough for an individual to be diagnosed with Type II diabetes
  • Natalie – the higher than normal blood sugars can be damaging on an individuals body that can cause other health problems
  • Natalie – such as heart disease, vision loss, kidney disease that can be major issues down the pipeline
  • Natalie – there is actually 84 million American’s with pre diabetes and even higher within the trucking population
  • Natalie – the good news is if you have pre diabetes you can still lower your risk of developing Type II with offering this program for truck drivers that is very simple by incorporating your habits of every day life
  • Natalie – this program really does take into consideration the truckers working environment and their schedules adapting it to the trucking population
  • Bill – your absolutely right we have a couple of drivers and what they told me is the screener..it takes one minute it doesn’t take up a lot of your time which is advantageous with their schedules
  • CJ – at any time you want to get information the text number is 444999 text HTAA which will text you back the information
  • Bill – we talked about the higher risk for drivers who is at risk for pre diabetes and Type II?
  • Natalie – there are factors that play into someone’s risk of developing pre diabetes
  • Natalie – you can go to the “screener” and look at..

* are you overweight,

* are you 45 years or older,

* do you have parents or siblings with Type II,

* are physically active fewer than 3 times a week to look at encouraging individuals to be physically active 150 minutes per week

* if less than this you could definitely be at risk

* racial or ethnic background can play a factor(African American, Hispanic or American Indian) are higher

* Occupation plays a huge factor – so truck drivers have a particularly higher risk

* The CDC and prevention are leading this program found that long haul truck drivers have a greater chance to form many of them climbs associated with pre diabetes

* such as heart disease, hypertension, obesity compared to the average working adult

–       Bill – good to know that the CDC and AADE are involved with this project

  1. Bill and CJ introduce Shawn Duffy co founder and CEO of Omada Health is jumping around and happy to be alive and happy to be healthier so that you can understand this campaign he is coming up. Bill – he has a BS in Neuroscience from Columbia, MB candidate at Harvard
  • Shawn Duffy – thank you Bill and Captain Jack
  • Shawn – my passions are always in the mix of technology and medicine and have been poking in between the two and now 100% dedicated to putting the breaks on Type II diabetes
  • Bill – that’s great Shawn. What Jack and I were so proud of the outcome studies. We looked at the videos of some of the most prestige companies saving them healthcare cost and get drivers signed up. Shawn tell us about Omada Health
  • Shawn – We are a 7 year program and its called the Omada program which is if you are at risk for Type II program you just sign up for the program we work it to make it really simple
  • Shawn – we make fun and give you all the tools needed to change behaviors, loose a little bit of weight and prevent you from going in a wrong direction
  • Shawn – we have a product that will make people want to do and not so much have to do
  • Bill – that’s right and the feedback we have already gotten from our drivers that the “screener” was easier, it only took a minute, I am in the program and I am doing wonderful. It didn’t take me off the road or inconvenience them
  • CJ – and the thing we have to stress is that there are NO hidden cost. If you qualify then BAM then your in. The questionnaire is that simple.
  • Bill – Shawn what diseases does the Omada program address?
  • Shawn – we start with focusing on those who are progressively heading towards Type II diabetes.
  • Shawn – the previous speaker talked about pre diabetes but your talking about a third of the population barely creeping towards this cliff of Type II diabetes
  • Shawn – there is a very famous research study that show with a little help and support you can dramatically reduce the chance that people fall off that cliff
  • Shawn – so that is our are and it is really easy to figure out by taking the “screener” which doesn’t take but a minute and we made it fun
  • Shawn – so we talk about the cost of having Type II diabetes that this is free and can help save by not getting to that cost
  • Bill – that’s right I go back to the outcomes. They are saving you from high healthcare cost. Tell us how the program works
  • Shawn – Step One is getting you set up with equipment you need that involves a welcome kit that is sent to you that comes with a scale. This scale has a cell phone chip in it. That when you step on it is connected to your cell phone provided when you inputted your information.
  • Shawn – from there you are matched with group so you are paired in a peer group and paired with trained coaches to help guide you through a program
  • Shawn – your journey begins with week by week lessons and logs that are fun to go through, text and interactive elements over the course of 16 weeks that you will go through making lifestyle changes, loose weight and feel better
  • Shawn – you go through this whole experience on your phone or laptop or whatever device you want to use
  • Bill – This is great which is especially important to drivers rarely staying in one place. In person behavior program change is not possible for a driver. How does Omada give this type of experience while online?
  • Shawn – that s why we are so inspired to help cuz its really hard if your traveling all over the country so it’s the flexibility by logging on any time you want
  • Shawn – If you need any help from your coach you can get that any time you want. The program is for your schedule not you adapting to it. You can get on any time you have a break or at a rest stop
  • CJ – you know you are a hero you and your company. This is something that has been a long time coming. Something that is going to change the world. You work with the people. People don’t like to change anything with their life anymore. You have made it so simple that people want to make changes.
  • Bill – Shawn what do you think is the most beneficial part of the Omada program in our trucking population?
  • Shawn – the flexibility is one of the keys, the coaches are great, and my favorite part that you hit on Jack is that it is really easy
  • Shawn – all the studies show that even if you are at risk for diabetes it is sooo hard to make changes, its hard to loose any weight and make lasting lifestyle changes
  • Shawn – what our participants tend to tell us is that the gradual itty bitty changes when summed up is a total transformation.
  • Bill – that makes total sense. How much time does it take for individuals to participate in the program would you guess?
  • Shawn – so you can engage however you like, you can be on every second of the day, but at a minimum expect to take about an hour per week to complete everything that is required. Not a lot of time for such a huge investment of life
  • Shawn – above that there are so many resources, blogs, working with your group, with your coach and any extra support that is available too
  • Shawn – so if your asking yourself do I have time for this if you have an hour per week then you have the time
  • CJ – I tell you I am so impressed by the whole package, whole program and I cannot thank you enough. I know you are a very busy man and for you to take the time to help us out and get this kicked off and letting people know there is a way to PUT THE BREAKS ON DIABETES. This is so big for us and we are so proud to be a part of it
  • CJ – AGAIN TEXT HTAA to 444999 you will get all the information you will need on your phone so when you get to a place you can read over the info

occupation based Prediabetes Program for fleets. Increase driver retention

a program made with drivers schedules in mind

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