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Putting the breaks on diabetes

Introducing the Omada Health Program - CDC project on diabetes prevention

Omada Health Program For Putting Breaks On Diabetes

Rod’s Testimony – Captain Jack

  • Rod Wilsford- Originally from Nashville
  • Born at Vanderbilt Hospital
  • Over-the-road driver
  • From Bill’s hometown
  • Brother Tim
  • Cousin – Tommy Wildfire got him into wrestling because they couldn’t sing

Introducing the Omada Health Program – CDC project on Diabetes prevention – Bill Gordon and Rod

  • Rod was recently diagnosed with “pre-diabetes” – experience
  • Helpful, tough on the road trying to eat healthily,
  • The program has made me more aware of healthy choices
  • Has helped me to shop for the right foods or diet to prevent diabetes and how to read labels
  • The programs that help you can study especially for a simple man are easy to understand and helpful for me to be able to do what it is I need to do for my job and still make healthier choices

National Diabetes Prevention Program

The Omada program and the resources – Bill and Rod

  • Peer groups
  • Personal coaches
  • Support groups
  • Tracking – Rod stated they send a wireless digital scale that when you get on it automatically sends to them to keep track of where you are on your weight. It doesn’t seem like you are on a diet when you are doing this program. You still eat what you want just in moderation
  • Lessons
  • Weighing in

Diabetes Prevention: 5 Tips for Truck Drivers

Rod – in the truck for 11 or more hours – is not overly time-consuming

  • Rod -For instance, I Was in Marianna, Florida at the Family Dollar distribution center and stuck there for 5 hours and had packed a cooler with healthy snacks that the program suggest. This is helpful especially when there are snack machines everywhere so it helps me know I am making healthier choices instead of chips and can definitely see improvement
  • CJ – how long on the program
  • Rod – 2 months and have lost about 20 pounds and feel better. They also emphasize also getting exercise like parking further away from the door at the truck stop and walking which has gotten easier and has been a blessing
  • Bill – is your health coach assisting you as you want?
  • Rod – they are very knowledgeable and it changes every day. They take your suggestions and make a plan for you. It is a trial and error and I understand it. I went from body slamming to changing gears literally. I have traveled in my day but now I travel and actually see the beauty of it all and enjoy it more and appreciate it through this program and rewarding

Thank you from Bill and Captain Jack – we are a non profit and free for truckers and from being an advocate for getting the message out. Check in with us look us up when you come to Nashville

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Omada Enrollment

As the largest CDC-recognized digital Diabetes Prevention Program, we’ve inspired hundreds of thousands of participants to take their health into their own hands. Welcome Aboard!