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Safety is part of our everyday culture

HTA’s motto is “One Team, One Mission…Best in Class” and we strive to maintain a sustainable safety culture by incorporating safety into every aspect of our business. We believe safety is a core value that must be embraced by all levels of the Company from the CEO to our truckers, and all supporting staff in the organization.

Freymiller pride itself on having a comprehensive safety management process that aims at attracting, developing, and retaining safe truckers who take care of their equipment and operate safely out on the road. We genuinely care about our drivers and the public’s safety which is why we provide quality training, quality equipment, and caring staff to support them. We do this because we know if we take care of them, they will take care of the rest.

Safety is an integral part of our operational decision-making, and we strive to ensure every driver and every truck operates safely at all times while on our nation’s streets and highways. Healthy trucking(Association) of America(HTA) is proud of the safety culture we have established over the years, and we are grateful for all our professional drivers and support staff who have been honored with an impressive assortment of prestigious safety awards and achievements.

Contact Bill Woolsey, Director of Safety, or Jeremy Stephenson for any recommendations, concerns, or questions.

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