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A Truck Show That Covered Trcukers Health Insurance Policies

Thousands of healthy drivers visited our booth seeking help with health insurance coverage and our health programs.


The Mid America Truck Show in Louisville KY was almost too much to take in.  I came on with a truck driver’s health insurance plan with HTA two years ago about health concerns. COVID running rampant a number of trade shows were canceled. This was my first Trucking trade show, and I was overwhelmed to see all the healthy male and female drivers. They represent multiple ethnicities descending on the city. I couldn’t help thinking if my Amazon order was somewhere in the parking lot.

HealthyAt our booth, we had Captain Jack and Joyce interviewing drivers, Fleet Owners, and HTA staff about drivers’ health-related issues and broadcasting it on iHeart radio.  Country Music Star Shane Owens stopped in each day to talk with drivers, shoot promotion videos, and later on Friday night performed at the Omni for our trucking friends.  It really was a successful event, and we look forward to getting back on track and attending more trade shows.

I have to admit, one of the things that became apparent to me is, that we have to do a better job raising awareness in the driving community about their health. This sedentary job wreaks havoc on a driver’s body.   Drivers that have been in the business for 30 years would tell me, “When I started out I was healthy. But before long I gained weight became prediabetic, and later had high blood pressure.” This exact statement is what we hear over and over again day in and day out from drivers we place in our sponsored health programs.healthy

Truck Driver Health Insurance Policies

Little to no health insurance amongst owner-operators was a steady topic.  What can I get, and where do I get it?  A quick search on the internet confirms what we tell drivers. Go to an excellent article written by CDL.com to learn more about Health Insurance For Drivers but the long and short of it is:

  1. Affordable Care Act (ACA)
    For new truck drivers, a plan through an exchange might be a good option for health insurance.
  2. Health Savings Account (HSA)
    Truckers who are healthy but want more control over their health insurance benefits should consider a Health Savings Account. The HSA is used in conjunction with a high-deductible health insurance policy.
  3. Owner-Operator Independent Health Insurance (OOIDA)
    OOIDA is a great choice for truckers. For a small yearly fee, you can become a member of OOIDA and enroll in their Medical Benefits Group. This will not only provides healthcare and life insurance coverage for truckers but their family too.
  4. National Truckers Insurance
    The National Independent Truckers Insurance Company (NITIC) provides health insurance specifically for truck drivers. The company offers a few different plans designed to protect you, your truck, and others from damage or injuries caused by trucking accidents.

Accelerating America’s Shift into Better Health for Professional Drivers and Certified Fleets

We also recommend calling Paula Biltmore of Biltmore Insurance. Paula has been helping truck drivers for many years exploring their options and putting together custom health insurance plans.

I encourage readers to take a look at some of the articles we have posted about a number of health-related issues that affect your occupation.  We take great pains to write some of these articles to answer a number of questions we get every day.  HTA offers a number of clinical trials that you can enroll in to get treatment for what you are struggling with.  Simply call 800.800.1198 and speak with one of our health coaches.

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