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Gift Ideas For Trucker Moms For Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming up and we would like to give a shout out to all moms, everywhere!

Mother’s Day is coming up (Sunday, May 12, 2019) and we would like to give a shout-out to all moms, everywhere! You ladies are great at what you do! However, did you know there is actually a large portion of female drivers and some are even moms too! So, while this post is dedicated to moms, it’s especially dedicated to moms on the road. It’s not too late to get your mom, wife, girlfriend, pet mom, etc a mother’s day gift, so check our list of gift items for trucker mom on Mother’s Day.

Gift Ideas For Trucker Mom On Mother’s Day

1. Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

1. Show the Mom in your life you care with a pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones. This way she can talk to your hands-free while she’s out on the road. She also won’t be tied down with wires or have to deal with the hassle of untangling cords. Moreover, the sound quality of Bluetooth headphones is amazing!

2. Speaking of headphones, maybe your Mom needs something to listen to. It’s no secret that spending hours on the open road can get a little boring. Maybe you can get her an audiobook to listen to, or a subscription to an audiobook service so she can listen to as many books as she wants. You could also find a podcast you think she might be interested in. So you guys can listen to weekly episodes together, and talk about them and this is the best gift for trucking mothers.

2. A Coffee Pot

1. You know what goes with the open road? Coffee. Truck drivers and Moms love their coffee! Make it more convenient for your Mom to have coffee by getting a coffee pot for her rig. Instead of having to walk across the cold truck stop parking lot in the morning, she will be able to brew her own cup instantly!

However, don’t let the coffee be served in any old plain mug! Get a special one for her based on her interests. Get a mug for her favorite sports team or tv show, or even get one with your photo on it, so every time she pours a hot cup of joe she will see your smiling face.

3. A Card or Special Note Made By Hand

1. Some of the most meaningful gifts have a personal touch. Don’t hesitate to go back to your roots to your 5-year-old self and make a card or special note by hand. Your creativity will come straight from the heart. You could even place the card in her truck for her to find later.

But why stop at just a card when you can decorate her entire rig? Similarly, you can print out photos of yourself and your kids to frame and hang out around her rig. You could also put some flowers around, like on the dashboard, or even use car-safe markers to decorate the windows.

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4. Toys For Pets

1. A lot of Moms on the road have pets, so don’t forget to include them. If the trucker Mom you’re celebrating has a cat or a dog that accompanies them on trips maybe you could get them a bed or some unique toys in addition, it wouldn’t hurt to include a gift card to a pet store too.

5. Be A Helping Hand

You can think outside the truck but think about when she comes home. She will be tired from the exhausting life on the road! Do you think she wants to clean up and cook dinner? Probably not. Take some of the load off by cleaning the house and having an awesome meal for her to come home to. You could also have a movie planned to relax with and watch together or provide her with a spa day to let her relax with a massage or manicure.

Happy Mother’s Day!

This is our responsibility to celebrate this special day for every Mom, from drivers to dispatchers, and all over the world. Be sure to give your Mom or wife, or even Mom to your pets a special gift from the heart. She deserves it.

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